5 Baby Shower Gifts for the Bath

Do you know a mom-to-be that could use some unique baby shower gifts? She's probably already buried in onesies and bottles, so what can you get her that other people may have neglected?

What about a few baby shower gifts that will make bath time easier and more fun for the new baby and parents alike? 

If you need a few ideas, you're in the right place. Here are 5 baby shower gift ideas for the bath.

1. Baby Bath

A baby bath isn't completely necessary, but for nervous new moms who haven't yet adapted to bathing babies in full-sized tubs or sinks, a baby-sized bath is a great gift.

These baths sit right inside your normal bath or walk-in shower. You sit the baby right inside and fill the bath with water.

Because the bath is shallow and secure, the baby is much safer than in a full-sized tub, especially for a parent who's just learning the ropes.

They come in all different styles and shapes, so if you need one that fits your friend's bathroom aesthetic, you're covered.

2. Baby Bath Cushions

Bath cushions are similar to the baby bath, but for parents who are more confident bathing their child in a tub or sink. 

These are great for children who are at that cute "sitting up" age, so this is a gift that your friend will get some use out of beyond the newborn stage.

The cushion is similar to a combination bath and yoga mat. It's a flat and soft mat that the baby can sit or lay on comfortably while you get them clean! It's super convenient and easy to store.

For newborn infants, the cushions tend to be more supportive and plush, and for older babies, they're much more simple (though older babies can use both).

3. Bathing and Swimming Floats

Swimming floats have been used in baby swimming therapy around the world for a while now, but they've made their way slowly to the States. 

If you're unsure of the idea of a baby in the water with a float, don't fret. They're great for bathtime, especially as an extra measure of safety. 

As always, babies need monitoring, but this device will keep their little heads above water.

4. Baby Towels

The new mom could just use normal towels on her baby, but aren't baby towels just a bit cuter? 

Baby towels are extra soft for the baby's sensitive skin, and they're extra cute to boot. They often have hoods to keep the baby's head warm; sometimes, even with animal themes. 

You know the new mom, so pick up some towels that will have her wanting to take all of the photos of her newborn all wrapped up after the bath.

5. Baby Bathing Set

Baby bathing products like soaps and shampoos are often different from adult ones. Babies are sensitive, and these products have ingredients that are easier on the skin, hair, and eyes. 

Getting a box set of baby bathing products will be so helpful to a new mom. She doesn't have to go gather these things on her own, you'll have them right there for her. 

Get some neutral scented products in a nice basket for a sweet and helpful gift.

What Baby Shower Gifts Do You Have Your Eye On? 

If you have a baby shower coming up, finding the perfect baby shower gifts might be stressful. All babies need baths though, so you can't go wrong with some products for bath time. You might even be the only person who thinks of them.

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